About us

Our company Owndisc Inc. is your trusted wholesale media supplier since 2014. We offer our customers only high quality products in DVD, CD, Blu-ray formats.

Feature films, documentaries, music collections, all these products are supplied to us from the official distributors of the brand, so buying media products from us you can be sure about its authenticity and quality.

Our company has a large selection of the latest and classic films, TV series, documentaries, audio collections. Every day our assortment is replenished with new products from the film and music industries.

Our goal is to be your reliable partner in the development of your media sales business, offering quality products at prices up to 70% cheaper than the minimum retail price. Our prices are not inferior to those offered by major media stores during periods of discounts and sales Owndisc Inc. always try to provide our customers with the best service and service.

All of our products are compatible with NTSC Region 1 players and consoles.

If you plan to sell products outside of region 1, we cannot guarantee that the product will be compatible with the equipment that is presented in these regions. It is possible that some media products will play without problems outside of Region 1, but please do proper research and make sure that the region where you will market your products without problems plays media products for Region 1.


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